Polaron Reader

Introducing Polaron Reader™ - the first of a family of instruments built on LFIRE™ technology (Label Free Internal Reflection Ellipsometry). It combines the simplicity of label-free operation with the power of high-resolution imaging for high-throughput data acquisition. It is also conveniently backwards-compatible with microscopy and labeled detection. Built for bench-top workflows, the reader’s intuitive control software guides the user through setup to data acquisition to analysis.

Targeted at the life science research market, the instrument will be prepared for the pharma and clinical markets further down the road. Price TBA.


Sensitivity 1 pg/sq mm, sub-ng/ml for Ab-Ag
Read Times 3 seconds per well
Resolution 10 μm imaging, publication-quality export
Multiplexing 250 microarray spots per well
Incubation Integrated PID-control
Target range : [ Ambient + 3,3, 37 ] ° C, Stability : ± 0.1° C/hr
Measurement Modes Real-time dynamic measurements & equilibrium-based kinetics
Consumables 16-Well Slides, SBS footprint, Microscopy compatible. 2D barcode with unique ID. Microplate formats planned.
Dimensions W x D x H (max) : 35 x 50 x 35 cm; Weight (max) : 40 kg
Software Reader control and data analysis. Windows 7 ( OS X planned )