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Label Free Internal Reflection Ellipsometry, developed by Maven Biotechnologies, is a

  • Label-Free
  • High Throughput
  • High Density
analysis system for microplates and slide disposables that can quantitatively measure molecular binding in real-time on microarrays spotted in wells or on slides.


Polaron™, our first commercial product, is currently in development and provides advantages over existing detection technologies with applications in clinical diagnostics, drug discovery and biological research.

The Polaron™ instrument and disposables, by combining the economic and technical benefits of true label-free with high throughput multiplexing, is a flexible platform for developing and performing immunoassays, rapid diagnostic screening, cell-based screening, drug-target kinetics, protein and genomic microarrays and many more applications.

Antibodies in patient serum bind to RNP (ribonuclear protein) antigen on LFIRE multiplexed slides, demonstrating a positive response. RNP is a marker for several autoimmune diseases including Lupus.

Polaron™ prototype show model, built by Stratec Biomedical Systems and first shown at MEDICA 2008, Düsseldorf, Germany.


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